The scale of infrastructure investment needed in Haiti is very significant. There is growing demand to replace or expand roads, water supply, sewers, ports, airports, electrical grids, and telecommunication networks, as well as homes, schools, hospitals, courthouses, and prisons. This past year, vendors and suppliers have bid on notices to procure $3 billion in goods and services for 87 projects tendered by international organizations and the Haitian government. Based on estimates of damages wrought by the 2010 earthquake, the requirements for the recovery, reconstruction and rebuilding of infrastructure is as high as $11 billion. Thus, traditional public funding sources will not be able to keep pace with this national investment need, and participation from the private sector in the form of “public-private partnership” has emerged as a viable solution. In fact, so far there have been eight privately financed infrastructure projects with total investment of $440 million.

The Invest in Haiti Forum will have a special panel session on opportunities in the infrastructure sector, to be presented by leading local and international companies doing business in Haiti.