With its 1700 km of beautiful beaches, natural sites and colonial constructions, including a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Haiti is the Caribbean island that holds the greatest potential to develop a niche tourism industry. Private sector investments in the tourism and hospitality sector are of the order of over $420 million for 30 potential projects in different stages of planning.  The Ministry of Tourism has created a master plan which was revised from 2006 to 2010. This master plan identifies priority departments and defines public infrastructure projects that can support the development of the industry.  A total of 43 tourism projects were identified and they include the construction or rehabilitation of roads to facilitate access to natural sites, the construction of buildings for the reception and orientation of tourists, the rehabilitation of historical urban neighborhoods, the modernization of regional airports, and the training of management and manpower required to provide adequate travel and hospitality services.  The total public investment required would be about $450 million, most of which has already been pledged by the international community.

The Invest in Haiti Forum will have a special panel session on opportunities in the tourism sector, to be presented by leading local and international companies doing business in Haiti.